Wedding Dos & Don'ts

Planning a wedding sometime soon? Have you booked your dream venue? Or, maybe you’re still on the hunt for the perfect place to tie the knot? Regardless of where you’re at with your wedding planning, our experienced wedding coordinator here at Lion Quays will let you in on some important wedding do’s and don’ts.


1. Practice your posing.

Once your wedding day is all over, it’ll be your photographs that tell the story and preserve the memories for years to come. Ensuring you like these photos is important, as is not skimping out on a professional photographer. As much as weddings can get expensive, a good photographer is worth investing in.

Practising your best smile or angles in the mirror a couple of days before your wedding (as cheesy as it may seem) will help ensure you get some fabulous shots. The last thing anyone wants is to cringe every time they see a photograph of themselves awkwardly smiling on their wedding day.

2. Create a #hashtag.

Even if you’re not social media savvy, by coining a hashtag for your big day will encourage your guests to share their photos of you and the event online. A hashtag will make it easy for you to gain access and find their photos once the day is over. No chasing them down on email to get a sneak peak of their shots!

Decide on your personalised hashtag and make sure your guests are aware of it. Print it on your wedding invites and maybe even on guest place cards. By encouraging your guests to share their snaps online, you won’t miss out on those natural and authentic shots.

3. Don’t rule out the idea of making things by hand.

Many people have a strict wedding budget and can often find this a little hard to stick to. So, instead of buying things brand new, think about how you can borrow or make things. Making things by hand is a lot more meaningful. Consider picking wild flowers for your fiance’s boutonniere or up-cycling jam jars into rustic flower vases. Ask your close friends and family to get on board with this a few months before the wedding. Collect pretty things along the way and put time into creating something special. This type of alternative is not only personal, but also means your wedding will be unique and not 100% ‘shop bought’.

4. Set up a Pinterest board.

On the topic of DIY, create a Pinterest board for your wedding plan. There are plenty of ways to make your wedding truly original and Pinterest is full of ideas. Start your research beforehand, giving yourself plenty of time so you can gradually build a portfolio of inspiration. You can even share your board with your bridal party so they can get involved with your theme and thinking.


1. Compare or compete.

It can be tempting to compare your wedding to your friends or those around you. But, ultimately it’s your wedding day and it’s up to you how you go about it. Don’t arrange your entire wedding around what other people want.

It’s also important not to compete with your friend’s weddings. Your budgets may vary and your tastes differ, so don’t do things just to better someone else's wedding - you’ll regret it. Stay true to yourself and don’t cause extra stress by making a competition out of your wedding day.

2. Forget to listen to other people's needs.

As much as it’s important not to comprise on vital aspects of your big day simply because your cousin twice removed ‘doesn't suit blue’, it is important to listen to those close to you.

When choosing bridesmaids dresses for your bridal party, be considerate of different body shapes. A style that suits one bridesmaid may not necessarily suit another. Take into consideration your parents or in-laws budget if you’re booking expensive accomodation or thinking of going abroad.

Additionally, as much as a wedding day is often ‘all about the bride’, listen to what your fiance wants and be prepared to compromise.

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