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Top Tips For Planning A Baby Shower

A baby shower is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the imminent arrival of your or your loved one’s baby. Anyone in an expectant mum's life can host her baby shower, including friends, relatives, and even partners. With this step-by-step guide for planning a baby shower, you’re guaranteed to throw a memorable and special celebration.


As you have been given the honour of planning the shower, you probably already have a good idea of who should be invited. When creating the guest list, be sure to think about who the mum-to-be would like to have at the baby shower as you don’t want to miss out someone who is important to her. If the shower is not a surprise, consulting with the mum-to-be about the guest list before you finalise it is always a great idea as by doing this, you’ll be sure to avoid leaving out someone important or even inviting someone she would rather not have attend! What’s more, she can also provide you with the contact information for any guests you don’t have details for.


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Now that you know the approximate number of guests that will be attending, and having spoken with the important guests to find out any prior commitments, you can then start to think about where would be the most suitable place to hold the baby shower.

The mum-to-be’s home, although convenient, is possibly unfair as she’ll worry about cleaning up before everyone arrives and after they've gone, she may also feel inclined to be answering the door, ensuring everyone has a drink and nibbles and enjoying their time at her home.  The last thing you will want her to be doing when the day is all about her!

A lovely alternative can be a private function room within a hotel. At Lion Quays Resort, we have a fantastic expertly created baby shower package that means that setup, catering and clean-up is all managed by us and can be easily tailored to your plans, and is only £24.95 per person and includes room hire in the Conservatory or Cabinet room.

  1. Arrival fizz or mocktails
  2. Afternoon tea style menu
  3. Use of a hotel bar for guests
  4. Welcome mirror
  5. Silver/pink or blue balloon cluster
  6. Coloured napkins and table runners, white linen
  7. Background music
  8. Event co-ordinator
  9. Cake stand & knife
  10. Red or ivory carpet


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So, you know who you want to invite and you know when and where you will hold the baby shower! That’s fantastic. Now it’s time to go those all-important invites out…

When it comes to how to invite the guests, the sky is the limit. Paper invites in the post? An email invite? A Facebook group (set to private of course!)? All these options are simple and cost-effective. You can use free online design tools such as Canva to design and print/email your invites for free.

The must-have information includes…

  • What the event is and who it’s for!
  • Date and time
  • Location address
  • If there’s a dress code
  • A request for an RVSP
  • A request to be notified of any dietary requirements (that you’re not already aware of). The team at Lion Quays are able to cater for all dietary requirements, allergies and intolerances, simply just let us know beforehand.
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Typically, baby showers are held in the afternoon. If this is the time that you have in mind, it could be worth considering keeping the menu light. An Afternoon Tea style menu can be just the thing and is often renowned with baby showers! Since the mum-to-be (and any other pregnant women at the shower) won’t be drinking alcohol, perhaps check with the mum-to-be if she is happy for alcohol to be served for those who can drink alcohol?

Lion Quays Resort offers memorable Afternoon Tea experiences, and these afternoon teas are included in our baby shower package, along with a silver/pink or blue balloon cluster for those important bump shots, a red carpet arrival, arrival drinks, complimentary venue hire and more. Lion Quays can relieve any extra pressure that can come from finding alternatives should anyone have any dietary requirements, allergies or intolerances. We even provide a cake stand and knife should you wish to bring a baby-shower themed cake!

As guests in attendance may not know everyone else there, games offer a fantastic solution to breaking the ice. There is 'What’s in the baby bag?' where you pop some commonly-used baby items into a bag and ask guests to guess what is in there without looking. Keep a note of people's guesses and whoever guesses the most items correctly wins! Also, there is 'Favourite Memory of the Mum-To-Be' – a fantastic ice breaker and a wonderful way to share thoughts and memories with the guest of honour! Finally, what about 'Who’s That Baby?' – Ask every attendee to bring a baby photo of themselves to the baby shower. They then place the photos on a table or tape them to a wall and other guests have to guess who is who now! 

A memory book and advice jars also make great keepsakes for the mum-to-be!

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No baby shower is complete without some balloons, bunting and pictures! You are more than welcome to bring your own decorations for a baby shower celebration here and we have several decorating companies we know and trust here at Lion Quays, so if you’re looking for that added extra don’t hesitate to speak with our team! Our baby shower package includes free hire of our silver/pink or blue balloon cluster which offers the most stunning backdrop for those all-important bump shots!

Have you considered assigning someone to be the official photographer for the day? With our flower wall included in the baby shower package, there will be some wonderful photographs you’ll want to capture. As the mum-to-be will appreciate having photographs of her special celebrations, having one of the guests assigned to making sure lots of photos are taken means mummy will have lots of lovely photos to look back on. 

The assigned photographer can also ensure that everyone uploads their favourite pictures to the Facebook group if you used one, compile them all and send them to mum-to-be or even get them developed to add to the guest book should you choose to use one! 

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Most of all, it’s important to remember that the guests are not coming for the food, decorations or games. They are coming to celebrate the new life that is on its way. So, after all the planning is done, be sure to take the time to sit back and make memories. Lion Quays strives to make our guests moments into memories and our team are on hand to discuss your individual requirements and plans for the baby shower. Why not contact us and see how we can turn your moment into long-lasting memories?


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