The Perfect Mulled Wine Recipe From Our Head Chef

Holding a dinner party or family get together this festive season? Thinking about making some delicious mulled wine? Maybe you haven’t done it before or maybe you just fancy trying a yummy new recipe. Well, you’re in luck. Our head chef here at Lion Quays has put together the perfect mulled wine recipe to impress your guests this Christmas.

All you need is:

  •         1 bottle of your favourite red wine
  •         60g of demerara sugar
  •         1 cinnamon stick
  •         grated nutmeg
  •         1 orange, halved
  •         1 dried bayleaf
  •         1 star anise

And the method? It’s simple and promises to leave your kitchen smelling delightful.

  1.    Pour the wine into a saucepan with the orange, sugar, bay leaf and spices.
  2.    Heat gently until the sugar has dissolved. If you’ve got an extra sweet tooth add a little more sugar to sweeten things up. Try and alter to your taste.
  3.    Strain using a sieve into heatproof glasses (wine glasses or festive mugs are just fine) and serve as soon as ready.
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