Spotlight Spa Treatment: Jessica Geleration

Spring has officially sprung at Lion Quays Resort! The flowers are blossoming, the blossom is blooming and the sandals from last year have resurfaced.

But when that first day of beautiful weather hit, we realised we couldn’t wear our sandals without devoting some time to making our toes look like the haven’t been shoved into boots for the last 6 months - a task destined for the Lion Quays Spa.

The Jessica GELeration pedicure treatment is highly revered, not only for having the ability to maintain healthy and natural nails, but also for being quick to apply and long-lasting. There are many different soak-off gel nail systems available but Jessica GELeration is definitely the best for a number of reasons.

Firstly, a Jessica GELeration pedicure is a quick way to get your toes looking sandal-ready. Gone are the days the nail technician has to spend hours buffing, priming, cutting and scraping - a small amount of prep work, applying the polish, nails under the LED lamp and voilà! You’ll be in and out in 40 minutes (unless you’d like to add another treatment to your day just to pamper yourself).

And you won’t need to come back to the salon for at least 3-4 weeks, as a Jessica GELeration pedicure is long-lasting and chip, smudge and peel resistant. We can guarantee that, whilst incurring ordinary environmental factors, your pedicure will look just as good on day 1 as it does on day 21. Sounds like a mean feat but that’s how much faith we have in GELeration!

So what about your natural nails? The good news about the Jessica GELeration treatment is that, due to the self-levelling formulas which bond to the natural nails, your nails will still grow and thrive whilst coated with GELeration polish. In fact, the nail treatment strengthens and promotes healthy nails and can be used continually without the need to rest your nails.

When your pedicure needs to be redone, just book in with Lion Quays Spa for a soak-off treatment. Then you can choose your colour and we’ll complete the process once again.

Do you now realise how much you need a pedicure? We thought so! Call the Lion Quays Spa on 01691 684 300 or use the contact form to book.

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