An Interview With Our Masterchef Quarter-Finalist Executive Chef

Michael Batters is our passionate and experienced Executive Chef here at Lion Quays. Heading up our delicious Waterside restaurant, he's created a menu to die for. However, don't just take our word for it, listen to what he has to say for yourself. Our newly refurbished Waterside welcomes both Lion Quays residents and non-residents; we can't wait to have you.

What ingredients are you currently enjoying cooking with?

Jerusalem artichoke is probably the best ingredient fresh from the UK at this time of year. We are currently offering a poached pear and Shropshire blue cheese salad with artichoke crisps; we’re even keeping the skin on to give the dish a lovely earthy crunch.

Is there a particular food trend we should watch out for in 2018?

Sharing platters and boards seem to be really popular at the moment and a big seller on our Waterside menu. Modern social dining is what we are all about at Lion Quays, so this fits in well with current trends. We love to encourage people to come together and experience quality time and sharing platters inspire this.

What is your signature dish that everyone must try here at the Waterside restaurant?

The most popular dish on our menu at the moment is the slow cooked shin of English beef. We cook it for 12-14 hours and it melts in the mouth. Served with a caramelized onion puree, roasted root vegetables and a red wine jus. It’s a real winter treat.

Are there a few things in particular that inspired the Waterside menu and delicious dishes you serve up at Lion Quays?

The restaurant was beautifully refurbished just before I joined the team at Lion Quays. I wanted to create a food offering that reflects the relaxing and homely atmosphere here at the Waterside. We’ve created a comforting but fresh menu, where all our food is prepared and presented with care.

Which piece of kitchen equipment could you not live without?

I have a global fish slice that I have carried with me for over 10 years, I couldn’t get through a service without it.   

Do you have a favourite (strange) flavour combination?

Fennel seed and hazelnut praline is served with our duck breast and it’s a great combination of sweet and salty. The hint of aniseed works very well, we’ve had excellent feedback.

What is your proudest career achievement?

I have many proud moments, especially when watching junior team members progress through their training, but for me reaching the quarter-final of professional MasterChef was a great feeling.

Are there certain chefs that inspire your cooking and the way you create dishes?

Gordon Ramsey and Gary Rhodes are my favourite chefs. I love classical dishes and I share their old-school, traditional approach to cooking.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Chinese takeaway, crispy chilli beef, egg fried rice, prawn toast and pot of curry sauce. Now that is a flavour combination!

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