7 Really Good Excuses To Book A Holiday

1. Taking a trip away is great for de-stressing

A study conducted by the University of Vienna found that people had less stress related problems after returning from a holiday. Taking time out gives you a chance to switch off and truly relax, mentally and physically. Taking a few days out of routine can leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

2. Taking a holiday can have great effects on your productivity and motivation at work

Sometimes getting stuck in the rut of things can have a real impact on your work life. Tiring yourself out can lead to low productivity and motivation. A study conducted by Ernst & Young reported that each addition 10 hours of holiday time people took, their end of year performance reviews improved by 8%. Taking your mind away from things for a while can give you a fresh outlook on return to work.

3. Creating plans are exciting, they increase happiness and happiness is contagious

Having something to look forward to can have a positive impact on your everyday outlook. A plan can often give you a sense of achievement while researching and creating an agenda can be a lot of fun. Creating a holiday schedule in a group or as a family is thrilling… and remember, happiness spreads.

4. Investing in experiences rather than material goods is great for your mental health

A study conducted by Cornell in 2010 found that satisfaction received from investing in experiences started higher than that invested in material things. The study also reported that satisfaction levels wore off a lot quicker when money was spent on acquiring items than when it was spent on meaningful experiences.

5. Holidays are inspiring

You explore new places on holiday, meet new people and see things from a different perspective. A holiday broadens your mind, it gives you more life experience. Robert Kriegel wrote a book in 2002 called How To Succeed In Business Without Working So Damn Hard, in this book he writes of how many employees get their best ideas when they are taking time away from work. Allowing your mind to rest and relax means you over think things less, your brain has less to consider. You are finally give your brain some time to make sense of things. 

6. Holidays can teach you things

A new surrounding often means new opportunities and therefore, a few new skills. Whether it’s learning how to horse ride down at Springhill Farm, getting to grips with fractional odds at the Bangor-on-Dee Racecourse or scrubbing up on your historical knowledge at the nearby Chirk Castle, there is plenty of knowledge in Shropshire. Taking a holiday away gives you an opportunity to learn.

7. And, most importantly, holidays = memories

Taking a holiday with the family or enjoying a girly getaway is a wonderful way to form lifelong memories. After all, there’s nothing like going though the family photo album a few years later.

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