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Massage and Body Treatments ... Relax

A full body massage at your preferred pressure. Warm aromatic balm, selected to suit your skin, is drizzled over your body. Choose from:

  • Relax – Deeply relaxes body and mind with nourishing Tonka Bean, Sandalwood and Frankincense.
  • Detox – Increase the elimination of toxins and impurities with Geranium, Rosemary & Grapefruit.
  • Energise - Lemon, Cypress and Angelica stimulate circulation great for sluggish minds and bodies.
  • Tone - Frankincense, Lemongrass and Immortelle work on the deeper layers of the skin to improve tone.

80 Minutes £80
60 Minutes £60
25 Minutes £35


Exotic fruit seeds gently exfoliate to reveal softer more youthful feeling skin, a customized mask is then applied to the body whilst you enjoy the pleasure of a heated blanket combined with a face and scalp massage. Your expert Therapist will help you to choose from: Relax, Detox, Energise or Tonic,

60 Minutes £60


Indulge in an energizing and uplifting wrap which firms, sculpts and tones. A full body exfoliation and application of zesty citrus butter body mask is applied before enjoying the dry flotation bed.

60 Minutes £60


This full body exfoliation will leave skin silky soft and smooth. The perfect pre treatment to any massage.

25 Minutes £35


Ease tension instantly with this deeply soothing scalp, neck and shoulders massage, using a concentration of oils. Also strengthens the hair, restoring vitality and shine.

25 Minutes £35


The perfect antidote for tired, aching legs. This treat includes exfoliation and an application of Decleors unique Leg Beauty Mask and a soothing foot massage.

45 Minutes £45


Includes a unique pressure point massage is carried out using a warmed massage balm leaving feet and legs relaxed, fresh and light.

25 Minutes £30


Thighs, hips and bottom are visibly refined even after one treatment. This treatment be-gins with exfoliation of targeted areas before an invigorating massage using an exclusive cocktail of essential oils, proven to break-down fat in 28 days.

60 Minutes £60


This unique Face and Body treatment combines the power of the youth activating serum and the unique anti-ageing massage techniques to improve skin tone, elasticity and firmness.

95 Minutes £85


This nurturing face and body treatment will help to preserve the tone of your skin reducing the risk of stretch masks, lighten your legs and brighten your complexion to ensure you look as radiant as you feel during this very special time.

80 Minutes £80

For friends that want to be together our Delux Dual Treatment room is available for any of our treatments or packages, whether you're a couple, mother and daughter or friends who want to enjoy the experience together, you can upgrade to our Dual Treatment Room. Pre-booking is essential for this treatment room, we charge a £20 supplement for the room unless booking the couple's retreat where the price is included. Prices detailed above are all based per person and subject to availability.  Please pre-book your treatments to avoid disappointment.

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