Renowned for their target driven products and expert salon results, the brand name Decléor is simply a pillar-head in the beauty industry.

With multi-award winning products and the latest in ground-breaking scientific technology, these items will fast become part of your everyday essentials. After using the lotions and potions in our salon here at Lion Quays, and seeing their amazing results, we just couldn’t resist stocking the products and proudly emblazoning the Decléor name in our Hotel & Spa.

This now means that you can purchase your favourite items from Lion Quays Hotel & Spa and enjoy the luxury of Decléor’s innovative products time and time again. After all, why wait until your next spa or salon trip for that flawlessly indulgent feeling?

Why not drop in and try some of the products out for yourself; expertly applied by one of our trained team members in one of our Spa treatments? Or simply purchase a little something from the shop. Our spa team are on hand to answer any questions or offer advice to see which product would work best for you.

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Bare Minerals
Having revolutionised the way we look at makeup texture and application, you have no doubt heard of or experienced bareMinerals products.

The clue is in the name, minerals are at the heart of everything they do. The way the products work is that they nourish your skin from the outside in. These naturally derived sources are the key ingredients to the products, so this means that your skin is continually energised and renewed whilst it wears the makeup. So not only does your skin look good, you’ll feel amazing too! With the right selection of products your skin will simply sing with luminosity, subtle but comprehensive coverage and effective protection from the elements, without being smothered by a mask like a barrier on your face.

Pop in and see the Spa team who will happily offer advice and provide a consultation on what works best for you.

Browse the spa packages and treatments too as a number of them include a bareMineral's application post spa treatment – to make you feel extra special and give you that WOW factor!

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Here in the salon at Lion Quays Hotel & Spa you can trust that you are in good hands with Jessica’s premium nail care regime.

There is an undeniable quality to the ‘GELeration’ products that our nail technician’s use, after all, the Jessica Corporation is backed by global success, being sold in 28 countries around the world! The products provide lasting coverage with no chipping as the treatment process goes above and beyond the everyday manicure and pedicure. The result is: you are left with a healthy and beautiful looking finish on your newly rejuvenated hands and toes. There’s also a dazzling array of colours and shades to choose from!

So why not see what Jessica can do for you? Come and pamper your hardworking hands and feet at Lion Quays Hotel & Spa.