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We are proud to announce an exclusive range of Signature Treatments, in partnership with Decleor, only available at Lion Quays Spa...


Created exclusively by Decleor, this wonderful treatment includes exquisite fruit seed body polish that leaves the skin conditioned to perfection before delectable macadamia and red palm oil balms are drizzled over the body to soothe and relax. Your therapist will massage the body with hot stones so the tension dissolves.  It is difficult to decide which is more blissful, the divine hot stone body massage or the heavenly revitalising facial massage - sheer serenity! 

90 minutes of pampering - £85


Inspired by the magical island of Madagascar, powered Fruit Seeds of Orange and Apricot with Essential Oils, Spices and Vegetable Oils aer used to polish and perfect the skin. The treatment is then followed by a delightfully relaxing massage with warm oils and a unique wooden relaxer. The therapist focuses on areas of tension and stress to energise and restore vitality.

60 minutes of pampering - £65


Embark on a voyage to experience the beauty of the island of Madagascar through your Therapists fingertips. This treatment consists of 52 techniques using active Essential Oils and brings deep relaxation.  The blissful digito-pressure techniques and long stretches restore the energy to leave you feeling totally rejuvenated. 

60 minutes of pampering - £65

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Red Island Ritual
Madagascar Massage Escape

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