The key to your health and fitness can be found at LQ Health Club...with an extensive and exclusive range of lifestyle and fitness options at our state of the art Club. Superb facilities and a dedicated specialist team can help you and your family make the most of your leisure and relaxation time, and feel on top of the world.

WHY SHOULD You join?

As a new member you’ll be warmly welcomed and be provided with a comprehensive health and fitness appraisal and fitness suite induction. The information is all stored on your own personal Technogym key, which stores your workout information and tracks your progress.

As well as benefiting from a first class range of facilities, you’ll have an expert team on hand to advise you on your personal needs - they’ll not just help you come up with a training programme that’s just right for you, they’re also available to show you how to put that programme into action, adjust it when needed and overcome any obstacles which may arise.

You’ll be in good company too, with plenty of like-minded people at your own level of fitness and others to inspire you onto greater things! The Health Club at LQ is chosen by everyone from beginners to full time sports men and’s not just a great club, its great value for money too – which appeals to all of us! And when it’s time to relax and socialise, there’s a wonderful spa to enjoy and a superb bar and restaurant with plenty of healthy options to help you maintain the new lifestyle and naughty delights to reward yourself too!

Join us at the LQ Health Club for a healthier lifestyle, to control your weight, to combat the risk of ill health, to feel good and to have a good time.

Come and join the LQ Health Club – it’s your Quay to fitness and feeling great.

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The club offers excellent facilities in a relaxing environment supported by a dedicated team ready to help and advise on a programme to suit your personal needs. The team are supportive of all members, irrespective of age and ability and will encourage you to achieve what you did not think was possibleAnita Fitzsimons

I have used the club to support my training since it opened. It offers a great mix of training opportunities and staff and members are very friendly and welcoming. The club is fully supportive of my needs and even sponsored me by purchasing my latest basketball wheelchair to assist me in achieving my sporting goalsMark Fosbrook GB Paralympics Wheelchair Basketball