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About Me


Motivational Quote

“Strength and conditioning is key, and my passion!”

About Me

My name is Ryan, Studio Coordinator & Personal Trainer at Lion Quays Country Club. I am a Level 3 Personal Trainer and teach a variety of classes, as well as being really into my functional training. I like to train at high intensity for short periods of time; I am an avid ‘Cross Fitter’ – strength and conditioning is key, and my passion. Ever heard of the ‘Caveman Diet’? Otherwise known as the Palaeolithic Diet... that’s my nutrition, 90% of the time. Rule 1: if it’s out of a packet, can, jar or tin.... it’s not food! Please come and ask if you want any help or guidance with your current eating plans whether for weight loss or sports performance. I owe my current fitness, health and well-being to others who have helped me, so it is only fitting that I help others. I hope to see you around the gym! Please come and say hello…