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We’re proud of our Members here at Lion Quays Country Club,and we'd like to share some of our member's stories with you.  Will this help you find your motivation...


SHARON BOWEN - March 2012

"My aim is to finish the marathon and I can’t wait to be running up the Mall, what a sense of achievement! I was born in London and to be running the Marathon in 2012 Olympic Year will be amazing. I can’t wait to see my 2 boys cheering me on at Tower Bridge the ½ way mark; my 2 girls are also running and will be waiting for me at the end. That’s unless my training goes really well................."

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ANITA FITZSIMMONS – Mars Bar Challenge Winner

"After the first four weeks I was up with the top five and my aim was to finish as top female! By week 7, I wanted to be in the top three but by week 8 I wanted to win it! Each member of the team encouraged all the top players to keep going. They encouraged a healthy and friendly competitiveness between us all..........

Click here to read Anita's full story

JO GEOGHEGAN – Another of our inspirational members

"There was still one class I wanted to try but it was a very high intensity circuit class and all the people who attended looked super fit. It wasn’t for the likes of me, surely. At that point I had some personal training with Katie and confessed during the goal setting meeting that it was an ambition of mind to be fit enough to have the confidence to do that class.........."

Click here to read Jo's full story

Are you a member of our Country Club?  Do you have an inspirational story you'd like to share with us?  Tell us your story today...


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